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June 12, 2017

A Rich History Is Still Living In Denver

Residents living in Denver find a shopper’s paradise at Larimer Square. Here Victorian brick buildings hold quaint boutiques and elegant restaurants. This historic Denver property combines history with modern flair. Upscale specialty shops are filled with one of a kind creations including jewelry and home accents. The latest trends in clothing for men and women are sought out. Even fido has a place at the square to fetch new toys, leashes, and organic treats. Charming lights intermix with the stars in the night sky casting a glow as couples head into intimate dinners. A variety of fine dining establishment satisfy all culinary tastes. Multiple clubs and bars add to a lively nightlife.

Art is definitely in the eye of the beholder at Larimer Square. The Walkway Gallery presents a curated and rotating showcase of local artists and their amazing work. Found across from Wax in the Larimer Square Walkway those meandering through can purchase a piece or two that captures their attention.

Boots Were Made For Walking All Around Denver Property

Interested parties living in Denver can explore Larimer Square’s colorful past. As the “oldest and most historic block” in the city there are plenty of stories. With the Historic Denver’s Larimer Square Walking Tours all the best tales are told. Area docents lead the way on a chronological journey ending at the Daniels & Fisher Tower where participants can check out the mile high city. Reservations for the excursion may be made online.


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June 12, 2017

Mysteries Are Solved On Denver Property

Denver property is laugh out loud funny at Adams Mystery Playhouse. An interactive theater experience awaits. Guests are welcomed into an intriguing and extravagant mansion where they engage in a type of scavenger hunt. Signature cocktails are shared at the bar. Characters mingle imparting background information and not so subtle hints about the upcoming fun.

Dinner Is Served Near Denver Homes

Once a delightful buffet style dinner is served up hot it’s time for the fun to start. The scene is set for a murder mystery. Clues are given and audience members engage in the detective work. Tables become teams offering up suggestions and different theories as to whodunit. Secondary characters can participate as much or as little as desired. Those on the shy side can watch all the action go down on this Denver property without making a peep.

Special showings for children are always on the calendar. These events contain a simplified storyline perfectly designed to intrigue youngsters from Denver homes. Kids receive clue packets to help them be successful crime stoppers. Birthday parties at Adams Mystery Playhouse also make for memorable events.

Reservations can be completed online or by calling 303.455.1848. Vegetarian and gluten free menu options are available for those who prefer.


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June 11, 2017

It's A Wild Time On Denver Real Estate

Meet your favorite animal on Denver real estate. Memories to last a lifetime are waiting at the Denver Zoo. Close up animal interactions make dreams come true. Visitors  can go behind the scenes for intimate experiences with some of Mother Nature’s most amazing creatures.

Available to all ages little ones living in Denver love the Backstage Experience Junior Encounter. A private tour showcases the Animal Ambassador collection. Trainers take time to share fascinating tidbits of information about snakes, turtles, birds, and other animals. Tour takers will have ample opportunity for close up communication with exotic critters.

Animals Are All Around And Living In Denver

Other animal encounters may have age restrictions that apply. In the Hippo Encounter participants greet Mahali and learn all about the hippo’s diet and habitat. A definite highlight is assisting trainers in feeding Mahali and checking out her big teeth. Time in the Elephant Encounter is unforgettable. Explorers go behind the scenes in the enclosure making the acquaintance of these awesome creatures. A lively vibe is happening in the Great Ape Encounter. Here guests are surprised by either a personable orangutan or gorilla. There’s loads of fun as the animal enjoys an afternoon snack. Take a peek at some penguins when registered for the Penguin Encounter. Happy penguins show off by preening their feathers while they waddle around.

The Denver Zoo has many enlightening exhibits to have a look at. Delve deep into a world of animals all found on Denver real estate. Operating hours are daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Have some fun and go a little wild.


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